Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Location: 2 Chome Wakamatsuchō, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken 238-0007, Japan
Rating: Not great
Meal: Lunch
Price: 1120 yen
Payment:  Cash only
Dishes: Shrimp and avocado pesto linguine
English Menu: Yes
Smoking:Yes (section leaks)

Pronto is a "cafe and bar" located under Yokosuka Chuo station.  It's a chain you'll see lots of places in Japan.  I had never eaten there, and their posters always look so appetizing, I figured I should try it out.

Of course, it's a cafe and bar, which means smoking.  They do have different sections, but the smoke leaks.  It wasn't too bad though, I've been in worse.  They have the kind of generic italian dishes you see in most cafes, and I got the shrimp and avocado pasta meal.  I didn't realize it would be as expensive as it was actually, I was expecting something in the 800 yen range.  It came with a negligible salad and terrible cup of coffee.

The dish itself was unremarkable...the avocado didn't seem fresh and the shrimp was a bit chewy.  The noodles were firm though and the pesto sauce was adequate.  Over all, not a place I'd go out of my way to eat at in the future.

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