Thursday, February 18, 2016


Location: Ichibashokudo

Rating: Very good
Meal: Lunch
Price: 830 yen
Payment: Cash only
Dishes: Pork fried in kimchi sauce teishoku
English Menu: Yes
Smoking:Yes (upstairs only)

Ichibashokudo (marketplace cafeteria) appears to be a common name for this type of restaurant as you'll find hits all over Japan for it, but it's not a chain.  It's more of a "kind" of Japanese food spot where you can get a variety of teishoku dishes, but they aren't really a "mom and pop" teishoku shop either as there seem to be many more employees and lots more options on the menu.  Anyway, we have this one quite close to Yokosuka Chuo station and I quite like it.

I ordered the Pork Kimchi teishoku (you can also just get rice bowls if you prefer, a large helping of rice for an extra 100 yen), which turned out to be strips of pork fried up with onions and kimchi aji (the salty red chili sauce that goes into making kimchi proper).  This was absolutely delicious and paired well with a bowl of white rice.  No need for soy sauce that's for sure!  The miso was pretty good the pickles were tasty too.  It's always nice to have some veg and the shredded cabbage filled that role well.

It's not a super special place, but it has tasty food for cheap, and it's a cut above in it's class.

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