Thursday, June 1, 2017


Location: Sanuki

Rating: OK
Meal: Dinner
Price: 620 yen
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Ginger pork don udon set
English Menu: Digital via Q-code
Smoking: No - but directly across from the open doors is a large smoking area that wafts into the restaurant

Sanuki is a small standing restaurant located in a tunnel that goes through a block near Chuo station.  I noticed a couple of restaurants here the other day when I went through and figured I should come back and give them a try.

Sanuki is an udon restaurant, so expect lots of udon dishes.  I wasn't feeling the udon too much so I went for a ginger pork don, which then came with a side of udon.  The udon was ok, nicely chewy.  I just don't love it for some reason.  From the menu and pictures online it appears they make a mean curry udon if that's your thing.

The menu is available outside and there is a fake food display to help, but it's all in Japanese.  There is a Q-code available that advertises the menu in other languages and they take credit cards, so it's pretty high tech for a hole in the wall.  But it is definitely a hole in the wall, almost literally.  As you stand around the bar area you can see back into the kitchen and see the bare concrete floor and drainage.  It's not a pleasant experience...but very back alley.

The food I had was ok, not amazing, but then I didn't go for the classic udon dishes either.  Seems like a good spot to bring someone looking for a bit of older, grittier Japan.

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