Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Location: Umiyamajyuudai

Rating: Very good
Meal: Lunch for 2
Price:  3700 yen
Payment: Cash only (kind of)
Dishes: Hayama beef yakiniku don, Misaki tuna don
English Menu: No
Smoking: No

Umiyamajyuudai is a restaurant located in a new onsen we recently discovered that is quite close to Yokosuka.  If you follow the road that leads up past Chuo station and go for a bit there is a lovely onsen with a big parking garage that is possibly closer than the other one down towards Uraga we usually go to.  My wife had been before with a friend and I kept saying I wanted to go sometime and we finally had the time last Monday which was a US holiday for me (Memorial Day).

Hayama beef yakiniku don

You can just eat at the restaurant of course, but usually one would go for the onsen first and then eat afterwards.  There are a ton of different food options on the Japanese menu and I kind of expected sub-par food with so much disparity.  However we were surprised at the great flavor in every element of the meal, from the miso soup to the pickles to the main dish.  I ordered a Hayama beef yakiniku don, and the sauce the meat was basted in really made the dish.  My wife had the Misaki tuna don and it came with 3 or 4 different preparations of tuna.  Both featured locally sourced ingredients, so that was nice.

Misaki tuna don
I was very pleased and am looking forward to eating here again in the future when we come for the onsen, which I hope will be quite often, once we are past the blistering summer, because nothing is quite so fun as soaking in a hot tub when it is super hot and humid.  Should be fun in the fall and winter though.

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