Sunday, June 25, 2017


Location: Priya

Rating: Very good
Meal: Dinner for 2
Price:  6000 yen
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Roti, paratha, one curry set (chicken khorma), lamb rojan josh, salt lassi
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: No

So we are back in Tokyo after our trip to Seoul and we decided to stay the night at the New Sanno as we have to go to church tomorrow in Ueno anyway, so why bother driving all the way home just to turn around and do it again?

Chicken khorma set

We bought my easy to please son a pizza from the place in the hotel and left him in the room with the TV (a treat as we've never had actual TV channels in our home).  We walked up to the restaurant area near Hiroo station and found an Indian restaurant named Priya to check out.

Lamb rogan josh and paratha/roti

We were asked if we had a reservation which we didn't, but they seated us anyway.  The menu was promising with more than just naan, and the large numbers of foreigners (this area is full of diplomatic outposts) indicated it might be better than the average nepalese-indian typical place.  I ordered the lamb rogan josh and my wife ordered a set with chicken khorma.  Her khorma was the best of the night for sure.  The tandoori chicken that came with it was ok, but not on par with Royal Parasol in Hayama.  My rogan josh was a bit disappointing, seeming over tomato-saucy and the meat was a bit tough to chew.  The naan was some of the best I've had in Japan yet, but the paratha and roti seemed made of the same basic stuff, just cooked slightly differently, and both were very heavy and thick, which seemed odd to us.  My salty lassi was excellent, full of spices and herbs.  And they didn't bat an eye when I ordered it even though it wasn't on the menu anywhere.

Over all it was definitely a cut above 90% of the Indian restaurants we've tried in Japan so far, but still not as good as Royal Parasol, which we are grateful to have relatively close to us.  We spied another Indian/Thai (strange combo) restaurant in the area that we may try the next time we are spending the night at the New Sanno.

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