Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Location: Imakatsu
Rating: Excellent
Meal:  Lunch for 2
Price:  3160 yen
Payment:  Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Special tonkatsu, oyster fry (3 pieces)
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: No

Imakatsu was recommended by a friend at work who said it's the best tonkatsu he's ever had in Japan.  That's high praise considering how much tonkatsu is available here.  So far our favorite has been Hiro Katsu right where we live in Yokosuka.  Imakatsu is in Roppongi (and some other spots I believe) and we decided to eat lunch there the day after the night we spent there.

It's located down a back alley surrounded by very seedy places, but it is quite nice inside.  We were waiting outside for it to open along with some gentlemen who struck up a conversation with us.  Turns out one of them is a butcher who specializes in importing American meat, and Imakatsu is a customer of his.

They are welcoming of foreigners and had an English menu.  I went for the slightly more expensive "special" tonkatsu lunch, and my wife opted for the 3 piece kaki (oyster) fry.  My tonkatsu was, frankly, incredible, the thickest slab of deep fried pork I've ever eaten, super fatty and done to perfection, nothing tough about it.  My wife's oysters were a disappointment with one being overdone and the others having less flavor than usual, which is odd as this is the season for good oysters.  However, on the strength of my dish, I'm still giving it an Excellent rating.

Was it better than Hiro Katsu?  Hard to tell, since the cut of meat had so much to do with it.  I have to say I think we prefer Hiro Katsu though, due to the better flavor of the batter, the wonderful little bites of deep fried vegetables and fruit, and the tonkatsu sauce is superior in my opinion.  Oh and his soup is better and it's all for 1000 yen.  Ok, so Hiro Katsu still wins, but Imakatsu was definitely an amazing experience!

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