Sunday, August 7, 2016

Tim Ho Wan

Location: Tim Ho Wan

Rating: Very good
Meal:  Lunch for 2
Price:  1465 pesos
Payment: Credit cards accepted (but the machine was broken and I had to go change money to pay)
Dishes: Lots of dimsum, see below
English Menu: Yes
Smoking:  No

Oh man, this was a delicious find!   My wife and I had taken a 3 hour taxi drive (should only take about an hour) in the heat of the day from the outskirts of Manila to the Mall of Asia which is near the airport and our hotel for the night.  We decided to spend the night near the airport so we could make our flight the next morning easily and with less stress.  I must say, this was a great idea!  The Mall of Asia is a huge new mall in Manila that looks out over Manila Bay.  We wandered around a bit to see what we would eat for lunch, but as soon as I saw Tim Ho Wan, I knew were done looking.  Amazingly, the line wasn't very long, so it didn't take too much waiting to get in.  Tim Ho Wan is a Hong Kong based chain that boasts a Michelin star.  I don't know that that means the same thing for all the branches, but it's certainly nothing to look down on!

We ordered just about everything on the menu and were quite full afterwards, but wow, it was all delicious.  Not the absolute best dimsum I've ever had, but still up there, and I would *kill* for a franchise to open up near us in Japan.  It was the first real "dimsum" meal we've had in years, and boy do we miss it.

Enough talk, here are the pictures:

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