Thursday, April 14, 2016


Location: Sharky's

Rating: Very good
Meal: Dinner
Price:  $24.50
Payment: Dollars only, credit cards accepted
Dishes: Curly fries, mushroom garlic flatbread pizza, boneless chicken wings
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: No

Sharky's is a bar on base located right next to Main Gate that recently had a complete remodel.  They used to be a mediocre burger joint that served some mediocre microbrew (locally brewed though, that's pretty awesome!).  Now they are much classier, serving a chicken wings and flatbread pizza, along with several good micro-brews from the US as well as a much revamped and varied lineup of locally brewed options.

Canned mushrooms!!!  Why!!!!?

My wife and had previously tried the beer but were not in a position to try the food until yesterday afternoon.  They don't open until 4pm, which is a pity because I would like to be able to have lunch there occasionally.

1 pound of curly fries... $3...mmmmboy!

We were eating an early dinner before going to roller derby practice and I wanted to try a spread of different items.  We went with the curly fries (very tasty), mushroom and garlic flatbread pizza (the bread itself was quite good, the toppings not so much...mushrooms from a can), and boneless chicken wings (the biggest disappointment...processed chicken nastiness...very unpleasant reactions the rest of the evening...should have tried the bone-in variety).  I am quite looking forward to returning and trying different toppings on the pizza and proper bone-in chicken wings, along with beer of course.


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