Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Menya Kuroko

Location: Menya Kuroko

Rating: OK
Meal:  Lunch for 3
Price: 2450 yen
Payment: Cash only (vending machine)
Dishes: Fried rice, extra meat and egg plate, black sesame ramen, black sesame tsukemen
English Menu: No
Smoking: No

It's finally Spring in Japan and we are venturing further afield for lunch while the weather is nice on Sundays after church.  We noticed the Menya Kuroko ramen shop on the way to our after church bible study one day and so we stopped in there yesterday for lunch.  It's a tiny place, but there is some outside seating available which we took advantage of on a lovely spring day.

Black sesame oil ramen

They appear to have a signature "black sesame oil" tonkotsu ramen, so we got that one, along with the same tsukemen (dipping noodles).  My son of course went for the fried rice and was happy.  We each wanted an egg added, so we also got a plate of an extra egg, some meat and bean sprouts.  The dishes were lighter than some broths, the noodles of medium thickness.  Overall it was just ok, nothing amazing.


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