Friday, April 22, 2016

Banzai Sakaba

Location: Banzai Sakaba
Rating: OK
Meal:  Dinner for 2
Price: 3440 yen
Payment: Cash only
Dishes: 2 min-oden bowls (otoshi), fried rice, avocado tempura, roasted chicken thigh, coke, awamori
English Menu:Yes

It was raining last night when I finally made it home.  My son and I usually go out on Thursday nights for a meal and this time we didn't feel like going far, so we went almost directly next door and tried out an izakaya.  It was early enough (5pm) that I felt we had a chance of avoiding any smokers, and we were mostly right in that assumption.

Oden otoshi

The Banzai izakaya local chain in Yokosuka features several different izakayas that are all pretty quality spots as far as izakayas go.  Personally, I'm not as fond of izakayas as the food tends to be expensive and meager, as it is mostly intended as accompaniment to drinks.  They also have "otoshi" which are mandatory snacks they charge you for if you sit down.  It's kind of like a cover charge, but you get something in return, which is nicer I guess...if you frequent places that do cover charges, which I don't.  I was pleasantly surprised by the evening's otoshi selection, little mini oden bowls.  I love oden (only one in my family who does), so I was happy to eat my son's portion as well.  He immediately spotted the fried rice option on the English menu and ordered that.  I decided on avocado tempura (because...yum) and settled on the roasted chicken thigh.   I should also mention that I have been to this particular izakaya before, prior to writing reviews.  I ate my first (and last) horse sashimi here in fact.  Raw horse meat is not my cup of tea, turns out.

Avocado Tempura

There was only one guy running the show and at first we were the only customers, but others started trickling in and the service got slower as could be expected.  We did order drinks as I often have a feeling of guilt when I eat at an izakaya and don't partake of anything to drink...coke for my son and awamori on the rocks for me.  It's funny how they have no issues with kids coming to izakayas...despite the drinking and smoking.  Guess the rules are different here.

Roasted chicken thigh
The fried rice was too heavy and oily for my liking, but my son liked it.  The oden was simple but tasty, and the avocado tempura was quite good, light on the batter and heavy on the avocado.  My roasted chicken thigh was the least interesting, being fairly unflavored, but it went down fine.  Overall, it's not a bad spot, but a little less comfortable for my taste than the nearby "Ume no Yu".  There's also another izakaya directly above this one, so I might as well come back and try that one some day.

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