Thursday, April 6, 2017


Location: Sumiyoshi

Rating: Very good
Meal: Dinner
Price:  2800 yen
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Omakase (recommended) sushi platter, sake (subtracted from price above)
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: No (separate smoking section available)

Last night was my weekly go out and try to find something new to eat night.  I believe that with Sumiyoshi I have finished up all the restaurants on the Senichi Dori alleyway that I am willing to review (I am excluding some clubs and a gaijin-unfriendly spot).  Sumiyoshi always looked a bit too intimidating walking past it and looking in to brave in the past.  But eventually you have to try everything so in I marched and was met with a pleasant, friendly staff who seated me at the sushi bar after asking if I wanted smoking or non.

A well written English menu was provided which included some of the best translated sake lists I have come across.  I gladly tried a dry junmai ginjo sake for 900 yen (not in the price above).  It looked like they mainly did sushi type dishes so I just went for the Omakase special (chef's recommendation basically).  There were some other types of dishes on the menu as well.  It doesn't appear to be an Izakaya as there was no mandatory appetizer served.

The sushi was excellent, with lots of fatty tuna, uni and hotate.  I was quite pleased and full enough by the end of the meal (though I may have swung by the nearby standing yakitori stand to grab some sticks to go...).  It was also served with some clam miso that tasted delicious.  Overall a high Very Good rating for this place, and nice to know it's not as intimidating as it appears.

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