Friday, July 8, 2016


Location: Hotaru

Rating: Very good
Meal:  Dinner for 2
Price:  5240 yen
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Gorgonzola tofu with honey, mushrooms in butter and soy sauce, avocado tacos, stewed pork pie, fried rice with pickled vegetables
English Menu:Yes
Smoking: Yes, but no one was smoking while we were there

Hotaru is another Banzai run izakaya that is located underneath Pepper Lunch.  My son and I tried it out last night and it was quite good!  It was a bit noisy due to all the tables being taken up by a large group of women having a good time, but the bar area was clear so we sat there.  Every dish was tasty except the avocado tacos...the tomato sauce was weird and the meat was sweet.  I look forward to coming back here some day with my wife.

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