Monday, January 25, 2016

Tetsu Tsukemen

Location: Tetsu Tsukemen

Rating: Very good
Meal: Lunch for3
Price: 2600 yen
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Tsukemen, ramen, brothless ramen
English Menu: No
Smoking:  No

Tetsu Tsukemen is a quite famous tsukemen (noodles dipped in concentrated broth) shop that happens to have a store in the food court of Lalaport Toyosu.  I noticed it last time we ate there and vowed to try the Tetsu tsukemen next time.


My son opted for another restaurant, but my wife and I both wanted to try all 3 specialties, so I ordered 3 dishes even though we only needed 2.  Luckily my son was still peckish and helped us finish some of the noodles off, though I was still unpleasantly full when all was said and done.  2600 for 3 dishes is quite a good deal!


I think my wife and I agreed that the tsukemen (their specialty) was the best dish.  They don't do the hot stone here like they do at their proper restaurants, which is understandable considering the food court setting.  I ran out of noodles for my broth and would have gone back for more, but luckily I had other dishes to use my broth with.  The tsukemen noodles were of middling thickness, just right for the broth.  The ramen dish had much thinner noodles, and the broth was thinner to of course.  My wife liked it all right, but I didn't think it held much of a candle to the tsukemen.  The last dish was extremely thick, curly noodle, so chewy I found my mouth getting tired after a while.  There was no broth in the bowl, just toppings, while a separate small pitcher contained a very fatty mixture of...something...and a raw egg.  I mixed it all up and poured it over the noodles.  This kind of ruined the noodles.  Then I poured the rest of my tsukemen broth on it and tried to eat it.  It was no longer very good and got too cold.  I'm still not sure how to properly eat this dish.


Overall we were quite pleased with the place...if only it wasn't always so crowded at lunch in the food court there!  Oh well...weekends at the will always be crowded.

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