Sunday, November 27, 2016

Park Street Cafe

Location: Park Street Cafe

Rating: OK
Meal: Lunch for 2
Price: 1058 yen
Payment: Credit cards probably accepted
Dishes: 2 raclette hot dogs
English Menu:  Yes
Smoking:  No

For lunch on Saturday my wife and I tried a few street-food-ish places in the restaurant park near the Tokyo Dome after spending the night at the nearby hotel.  There was this strange Park Street Cafe that specialized in raclette cheese hotdogs that looked interesting so we started there.

The menu is skewed heavily towards the raclette hotdogs so we stuck with those, ordering two of the basics.  They genuine raclette cheese wheels under hot lamps, melting the next batch of cheese to be scraped off onto a Japanese style hotdog (closer to a german sausage really).  And that's pretty much it...scarf your cheesy dog and go on your way!

The cheese was pretty good, with a slight emmentaler flavor to it, but not as strong as I like my cheese to smell.  And of course the dog was nothing to write home about.  But it was nice enough, and not terribly expensive ( standards have changed living in Japan where over $5 for a hotdog doesn't phase me!).

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