Thursday, March 31, 2016


Location: Wahaha
Rating: OK
Meal:  Dinner for 2
Price: 3390 yen (includes awamori)
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes: Fu champuru, okinawan pancake (hirayachi), tofu-yo
English Menu: Yes
Smoking:Yes (lots)

After another late night of roller derby in Okinawa, my wife and I decided to walk down to this Okinawan izakaya called Wahaha that was really close to our hotel.  My son was satisfied with some conbini food, and we knew it would probably be smoky (yowzers, was it ever, my coat stank the next day).

Awamori with water and ice bucket

We were hoping to do our truly "okinawan" meal here (which means goya must be on the menu) but we were told they were all out.  I also wanted my wife to try "fu" champuru which is made with gluten that has the consistency of eggs.  This they had, along with an okinawan savory pancake (hirayachi) and tofu-yo (tofu fermented in awamori).  We also tried out some awamori, which wasn't as good as my favorite brand (Zuisen Couth FTW!) that I can get in Yokosuka.  (I did get to visit the Zuisen Distillery, so cool!)

Anyway, the food was all right here, but not amazing, and the smoke is a real turn off.


Okinawan pancake (hirayachi)

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