Thursday, March 31, 2016

Surfside Restaurant

Location: Surfside Restaurant

Rating: Not great
Meal: Dinner for 3
Price: $36.40
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes:Fried rice, mongolian chicken, pizza
English Menu:Yes
Smoking: No

I was hopeful that the restaurant at the Okuma Beach Resort, which is run by Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, would be better than the usual base restaurant fare I've had everywhere else...that is...not great.  Unfortunately, it met all my expectations, and we avoided the place after that except for breakfast a couple of times.

Campbell's soup (probably)

My son had fried rice which he thought was ok, I had a "mongolian" chicken of some kind that was bleh, and then there was the pizza, which looked like it might be good but once again we were treated to virtually nil flavor on crust that tasted like cardboard.  Astonishing really.

Pizza ala cardboard

Fried Rice
Mongolian chicken

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