Monday, April 9, 2018


Location: Maharani

Rating: OK
Meal: Lunch
Price: 1300 yen
Payment: Credit cards accepted
Dishes:  Mutton curry lunch set, lamb chop
English Menu: Yes
Smoking: Probably

I'm taking a class this week at the Mercure Hotel in Yokosuka.  There aren't a lot of places within walking distance of the base that I haven't already reviewed for lunch, but I took a walk around the Shioiri area and spotted a new (to me) Indian restaurant.  Of course I had to give it a try.

It is run by a very friendly Nepalese gentleman who asked me my opinion of the Indian restaurants in Yokosuka.  I was honest and said I liked them ok, but for my money the best Indian I've had in Japan is still Royal Parasol in Hayama because they have all of the breads and spices.  He was sympathetic and told me to come back he'd make me the real "indian" taste food and even other types of breads if he has enough notice and isn't busy.  I will definitely take him up on that.

Mutton curry

I ordered a mutton curry set with rice and a salty lassi (already accommodating me there) and a lamb chop that was on special for lunch.  The mutton was ok, pretty typical for around here, but not as sweet as some places.  The meat was a bit tough though.  The lamb chop was tasty, but pretty salty and again, a bit chewy.

Lamb chop with mint sauce

I'm giving this place an Ok for their typical food and will update later if the impression changes.


Update:  I came back later in the week and gave him a heads up I was coming.  Honestly the food wasn't that much better.  Still just an Ok overall.

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